Your Opinions Needed

As you know (or don't know), a while ago I came up with an idea for a place to keep arguments hidden. Some of you agreed, while others did not. I terminated the War Zone after asking Eric about the idea. He said it was best if people just told him who was fighting so he could temporarily ban the offender's account. As of late, I've noticed some fighting around Instructables and I am beginning to have second thoughts about it's termination. Not to go against Eric's wishes, but I feel that banning is only a temporary solution. I think banning could work, but it might also backfire. The offenders could feel that the other got him/her banned, and worsen the grudge. If the War Zone works as planed, I believe the offenders can come to terms without being banned and hopefully stop fighting.

I just want your honest opinions on this matter. It would be arrogant of me to believe the rest of the community feels this way.

This is the original idea:

Welcome to the Hidden War Zone. Here you can settle disputes with other members privately, without disrupting the rest of the community.

Every once and a while, two or more members feud with each other. As this site retains a friendly image, other members detest the violence that ensues. Eventually these feuds move from each other's orangeboards into the public forums, dragging other members into the conflict. In order to avoid this, I have created a war zone that is sheltered from the public eye. Think of it as fighting in a barren field as opposed to a populated city. If you're going to fight, at least try to limit the number of civilian casualties.

When the dust settles, truces, reparations, and atonements can take place. When you are done, please visit the Peace Forum.

You must war either two ways:

  • Chaotically battle in the comments.


  • Keep differing disputes separated by steps. (ie. Step one: Goodhart vs. Kiteman. Step two, Adrian Monk vs KK, Skate. et al.)

If you do add a step, please hit "save and finish later" or "finish later". This will keep the War Zone hidden.

If you must fight, do it here.

I truly hope this will never be used, but I've made it as a precaution.

Send me a PM if you wish to be a collaborator.

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Keith-Kid9 years ago
He said it was best if people just told him who was fighting so he could temporarily ban the offender's account.

*Shudder*....I personally saw a Chooseausername actually.......from the Big Boss himself......
I was shocked to see that, though choose wasn't being constructive and doing a bit of a run around he was expressing his opinions in an albeit rude but entirely senseless manner... He could have chosen his words better but he was at the end of the day speaking about a project he found dangerous, sure there's an anti disclaimer and whatnot... On the other hand he was rude and repetitive... I have noticed Eric being more active around the site lately, or possibly ran into his post more often than usual, either way it's nice to know the CEO is involved in a real way...
Pssssst...what did he say?
Ugh not much just told choose about being constructive or risking his membership... No biggie
Yeah, lately he's been cracking down, like a cop to a drunk underage driver (Wink, Wink KJ)

Yeah, I'm a bit scared actually, he's been threatening those who I have to be on my toes!
I don't think that's it though, he's just been more active in a general sense... Ah I may have some problems, I'm not offensive as such, however my mere presence upsets some people...
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  Keith-Kid9 years ago
Chooseausername got a warning?!
Wanna see it?

Keep on reading...
I never would have thought Chooseausername would have gotten a warning....
He got a ban threat?!
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