Your Project, posted elsewhere?

It's always nice when your work gets popular, and the latest example is Artist-in-Residence Tomdf having had his tentacle straw project featured on Hack-a-Day.  I found this out because I saw it on their twitter feed.

Have you had your Instructables featured elsewhere?  How did you find out?

(And are you following the Instructables feed?)

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Moem5 years ago
My WTFBBQ was featured on, which is funny because they are a manly site that shows manly things for manly men. I found out through the referrers.
Apparently my project is very manly. It's still a project by a woman though.
M.C. Langer5 years ago
Some of my instructables have been featured in various sites, but my favorite time is when Popular Mechanics included my Cyborg into the 13 High-Tech DIY Halloween Costumes of 2012! :-)
Goodhart5 years ago
I have no clue if anything I've posted is elsewhere. I dropped Twitter, as I don't have much use for it, without an actual "device" to use it one (other then my desktop pc). And their taking over a year to finally cancel my membership, put up red flags for me all around. I guess I am just a bit more paranoid that most :-)
ChrysN5 years ago posts a lot of instructables on it's site.
Jayefuu5 years ago
I signed up for Google Alerts. Every time someone mentions "Jayefuu", I get an alert.
scoochmaroo5 years ago
I never seem to know unless someone else alerts me to it. I did just run across the Rubik's Cube Chest of Drawers on, which I thought was crazy! (in a good way) Someone recently caught a very brief appearance of one of my old projects in a video round up on something called VSauce.  
vanweb5 years ago
I had my Giant "Wooden Letter Block" - Toy Box ( ) featured on ( ) which was really cool.

I usually find these things by looking at the stats list on instructables and looking at the referers (not sure why so many entries are blank though on the referers list?).

I do not follow Instructables on twitter as there are so many projects it pushes my other feeds down so fast.