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TheDunkis7 years ago
I can't be bothered to make one either. I just really don't care for single shots and if I did really want to make one, I'd just stick with something similar to Killerk's pistol. This seems like overkill. First off, K'nex stocks can help you steady a gun if it's large enough but usually they aren't large enough until you, ironically, add a stock. Otherwise K'nex guns have very minimal recoil. Same case for a foregrip. It can help you steady the gun by having a place to put your second hand but by adding all the extra weight to put your hand somewhere, you've made a gun you can't steady with one hand as easily. A killerk pistol doesn't need a stock or foregrip. You can aim it with one hand just fine.
Well there's my wall I felt like putting up for no reason.
 I'm pretty sure most of us make stocks so we can pull the pin back easier. 
I can easily pull back 7 bands with your custom stock on.  So I agree with you.
What is it about a stock that makes it easier to pull back the pin? The pin guide? You could probably make a pin guide connected to the pin that goes into the gun instead of the other way around. Otherwise I'm not sure what you're talking about.
The stock acts as a brace that makes it easier to pull the pin back since its resting against your shoulder.
That makes sense. Why not just use some sort of slingshot or rail gun though instead of piling up rubber bands on a pin gun?
Faster reload times, more compact, uses less parts, accepts more ammo, and is not reliant of length of barrel for power.
Alright, just wondering. I just don't care for single shots, never really got the concept.
The point of single shots is to be simpler, more reliable, and more powerful than repeaters.  I'd go as far to say single shots are more reliable than the TR, and the untangle is more powerful than the TR.
Reliability I get, but you guys tend to exaggerate the unreliability of repeaters way too much. But why do you need more power? Does range really win K'nex battles? I've never been to one so I wouldn't know. K'nex wasn't designed to be shot far or accurately (or shot at all period) so I wouldn't even bother unless I had a slingshot with finned ammo.
This raises an interesting question to me though so I'm going to post a thread.
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