Your favorite blowgun

which is your favorite blowgun instructable?

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boil a handfull of tobacco down to syrup and soak dart tips for a good few minutes !

dart tips must be of porous material (bamboo , thorns ect...)
pyro1310 years ago
do you have any ideas on how to poison blowdarts?
1 Get poison 2 Put poison on dart
no like what kind of poison... i need a specific household chemical or something similar and just as easy to get.
What are you trying to poison?
rats/ground squirrels. they evil little buggers that eat all my food!
Lord Of Mystra (author)  pyro1310 years ago
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That would be mean. : (
i hunt deer and squirl
I have killed two rabbits with blowguns. One for sure,but one just got nailed in the brain and dissappeared.....
dude, rats r mean, the bite, they steal stuff, and they carry the plauge...
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