Your favorite knex weapons of 2009.

Oblivitus isn't doing the list this year, Mr. Muggle is.  However, he screwed up and made us choose from a rather restrictive list of guns to choose from, which I think ruins the spirit of this vote.  So I decided to do my own poll.

You can vote for ANY GUN* you wish for.  Yes, your vote will be counted regardless on the type of gun or rating.  The only restriction on the vote is that the guns have to be made in 2009. 

(EXAMPLE): My 3 votes are:
-ZKAR v2
-Mepain's shotgun pistol thingy. (

You can not vote for your own guns. 

If a gun you vote for is not posted on ibles or KI, but on a site like Youtube or The Knex Forum, you must provide a link to it.

That is all.

*made in 2009.  May not be your own gun.

EDIT- Up for debate- Should each of the 3 versions of the TR series count as one gun, or as 3 seperate guns?  For example, If I vote for the TR8, but someone else votes for a TR36, should it be counted as 2 votes for the same gun, or 1 vote for a different gun each?

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Jesus.7 years ago
Heavy cannon v1
DJ Radio (author)  Jesus.7 years ago
Like 4 of those were not posted in 2009.  And this has been closed for MONTHS.
smilee7 years ago
When are the results going to be up?
DJ Radio (author)  smilee7 years ago
DJ Radio (author)  smilee7 years ago
I'll post it by the end of the month.
Too bad the Not A Rectangle wasn't made in 09.
DJ Radio (author)  shadowninja317 years ago
You can vote for it on the next contest.
Really? No way! o.O
DJ Radio (author) 7 years ago
Allright, the results are:

TR18: 9 votes
Z35: 5 votes
DTAB: 4 votes
ZKAR: 2 votes
Mepain's shotgun pistol: 1 vote
Freekiller: 3 votes
Hell slayer: 1 vote
MeZak: 2 votes
Oodast v 3.6: 1 vote
Rectangle: 1 vote
Mykhalio's grenade on KI: 1 vote
SR-v2: 1 vote
Dutchwarlord's M4 Carbine: 1 vote
TBAP: 1 vote
PP19 Bizon: 1 vote
Dutchwarlord's TAR: 1 vote

So TR wins, Z35 is second, and DTAB is third. 
Mattpower7 years ago
Is this still up?

Because I'll vote for:

the DTAB
the Z35
And the Freekiller
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