"You're not allowed to look at that"

I recently did a big edit to an existing project*, and during the edit I set the instructable as "private" (I was spending a couple of evenings on it, and didn't want it seen in the mid-edit mess).

Yesterday, I tried the same with another project**, but when I hit the button to make it private, I got a pop-up telling "You're not allowed to look at that".

Any chance of a fix?



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seamster8 months ago

That's certainly odd. I was able to set them both as private for you, but I'll send a note to the bugs team to make sure they take a closer look.

Kiteman (author)  seamster8 months ago


Somebody who knows more than me says that there is a "no index" instruction added to the instructable?

seamster Kiteman8 months ago

Mmm hmm. When you mark things as private, this hides them from search functions ("un-indexes" them), so they become accessible only via direct link.

It appears you're done editing and have re-published them, so they are now searchable (indexed) again, but in the meantime while they were marked as private, the links above were always live.

I'm not sure if this is all helpful or not, but there it is. Whatever hiccup caused you to be unable to set them as private yourself wasn't able to be reproduced by the bugs team, so likely was a cookies and caching issue.

Kiteman (author)  seamster8 months ago

Apparently nobody has ever made a live, featured project private before. I broke something...

Moem Kiteman8 months ago

And you documented the breaking of the thing. That makes it science!