You've heard of papercraft, but now tapecraft?!

Today while browsing I found a link to this flicker set by Happy Monkey. It's tapecraft! Basically papercraft, but using tape instead. And most of the stuff is geometric figures instead of like, an Instructables robot.

Here's a link to a tutorial for a dodecahedron, which looks really hard to make.

I think we've got to get Happy Monkey to join Instructables ;)

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arrow19987 years ago
 cool yet strangely different
Matt214978 years ago
Hey I was going to say tapercraft thanks alot justin.
haha tapercraft
firstlady8 years ago
just posted link to my freecycle site, where a teacher has replied!"The kids have loved the idea, (anything to stop math being dry)* so keep fishing! the next generation are making use lol
Kiteman8 years ago
Wow - I think a lot of people will end up attached to furniture when they try these.
Then I can take my workbench wherever I please. The problem is finding a darn electrical socket!
An electrical socket?!?!?!? Just one? What kind of instructibillian are you???
My workbench obviously has a surge protector sloppily duct taped to the leg! I just wouldn't be anywhere as cool without it, would I?
Once again, just one? It's a good start, but really, c'mon! ;D
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