I was just electrocuted! I Just got out of the shower, i of course dried my hands, mostly because i can't open a stuborn doorknob without doing it, and i saw one of those spinning party lights (you know the ones with the lights that shine therough the colored circles?) and i was unplugging it in my chase of spare parts, and i did it, i was pulling the plug out of the power strip and my finger went under the plug while it was still in and BAm it took a second to realize it and i'm ok i guess nothing burning or smelling bad, and i think it tried giving my carple tunnel, because now my wriste hurts horribly(i really am fine though) I'm having a hard time typing because my fingers are getting over it so my head wont pay attention anyway let me knwo about your recent or weird electrocutions, and no i didn't crap myself

Picture of ZIT!! ZIT!! OUCH!
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guyfrom7up8 years ago
also, in the picture, the plug has 3 prongs, but the outlet only has 2 bad drawings at the clip art company, lol
cd41 (author)  guyfrom7up8 years ago
didnt even see it remember i was getting over eletrucution, wonder how many volts i took in off to go check!
cd41 (author)  cd418 years ago
turns out it was 330V I am SUPERMAN-ISH , i know the volts amps thing ok let me enjoy some ignorance
LinuxH4x0r cd418 years ago
330? I don't think so. either 230 or 120 (120 in the US)
cd41 (author)  LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
I checked it it definetly said 330v i'll go check again..brb nvm on the 330v it was suppressed voltage tested at 330v its limit is actually 125v which i'm guessing wouldn't be normal level(really) so i guess your right at 120v
iv been shocked by 120 and it is like you described, but it wasn't that bad when typing. I think it was 114 to 125 volts. thats what I get in my house.
Derin cd418 years ago
The 330 would be a manageable one only on 3P 380V lines anyway.
Doctor What8 years ago
Fun! You didn't get superpowers from your accident, did you?
cd41 (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
Well i have been electrucuted harer before but now i don't feel most of it :) hopefully i wont get shocked again while my chest is brusied up, sneezing hurts alot so i dont want to imagine a voltage enough to feel it going through me
Chicken22098 years ago
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