Lithium Rain's open letter to the staff. Read. Think. Read all comments. Then post.

Open Letter to the Staff

I'm only posting this topic, because hers got stuck in the filters.


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lemonie8 years ago
When I see people quoting "secondary images" I'm sure they've misinterpreted "secondary image sizes".

Kiteman lemonie8 years ago
Non-pro account holders can only see the second (and third etc) images as thumbnails.
lemonie Kiteman8 years ago
Where has this been announced? I didn't have a problem logged-out as a guest. L
PKM lemonie8 years ago
I do, and I think that's
a) the ground state at the moment
b) perhaps the intended future of the site (I say perhaps, I think there isn't a public "official line" on it yet).

I think that's pretty much the only proposed feature I really disagree with. Access to allsteps is just a nice addition, which you can read Instructables without, but a number of my Instructables (and presumably countless others) have vital information on secondary images. I mean, imagine trying to build this without the high-res secondary images and their notes.

While it would be nice to give all the existing features to non-pro members and add value to Pro membership with new shinies, sadly I think there has to be an element of limitation to free memberships just like with free software trials, so there is a real incentive to go pro. Removing secondary images, IMHO, is a step way too far, because it makes a lot of Instructables almost useless to non-pro members.
lemonie PKM8 years ago
Hmm, the incentive to go Pro is also an incentive go away. Most casual internet browsers have little patience - 3 clicks and they're "out". Block essential stuff with a sign-up and they may decide to ()-that and look somewhere else?

On buggy days, you can get the secondary image to swap out with the first image in the step but normally you will get the sign-up popup if you try to click on the secondary. Part of the frustration as a trial user.
bumpus (author) 8 years ago
Gjdj38 years ago
I do love a good protest letter.
and a freshly brewed cup of Joe.
Poor Joe, I knew him well....
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