Zelda games are too frustrating

I am currently attempting to play Legend of Zelda Windwaker. I am at the art where I must obtain the second triforce shard. It sucks, because I find myself constantly having to look at online guides, which aren't very helpful. Am I crazy to say that Windwaker is one of the most frustrating games ever?

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Oily Seldon10 years ago
Zelda games are my fav Because what else can you ask for? Great story lines LLLLLOOONNNGGGGG plots which makes the game-play longer so you feel like you get your value for money There's nothing that pisses me off more than buying a game and finishing it in like 10 hours :S
took me a month to finish OoT (First time) , and half a month to finish WW (First time),
Medrephobic (author)  Oily Seldon10 years ago
I agree.
its a lion10 years ago
im afraid that i never played the wind waker... i can say that zelda games can be frustrating though. hardest time i ever had in one was on ocarina of time in the water temple. if you are looking for a helpful online guide, try
you will have to create an account with them, but its free.
The water temples seem to be pretty hard on all the games Twlights one took a good hour or two
lol, yeah. the water temple is tedious
yeah, but the twilight one didnt compare to ocarinas in my opinion lol. though twilight did take me a good while to figure out what the heck i was supposed to do next... once i got it figured out though, it was pretty easy.
Medrephobic (author)  its a lion10 years ago
in twilight was the water level where you had to change all of the stairways and whatnot?
yep. at least thats what i considered to be the water level.
Medrephobic (author)  its a lion10 years ago
yeah I thought that was one of the less irritating ones. I hated the sand place.
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