Zinc+hydrochoric acid=?

I put a zinc coated nail into hydrochoric acid and the nail started to bubble.The bubbles came to the surface and when they popped a small cloud of some gas appeared and I was wondering what this gas was.I think to was hydrogen.

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lemonie9 years ago
Where did you get your acid from? L
Hydrochloric acid is available from chemical suppliers, of course, but you can also find it at farm supply and (allegedly) hardware stores, being sold under the older name of muriatic acid. I haven't looked at any hardware stores, but a store near me called Tractor Supply Company sells it by the pint. I don't recall the concentration. Does anyone know what the heck muriatic/hydrochloric acid is used for, outside of cool chemical reactions?
That's interesting. I know several chemical suppliers which stock aqueous (and anhydrous) HCl, but I'd need an account. Tractor supply, I don't understand, but wouldn't doubt either. There was an auto shop near me sold concentrated sulphuric'. You could assume that this was for topping up car batteries, but who does that? Throwing into people's faces (as is not at all uncommon in certain parts of the world) springs to mind. However, nothing reported in the local press, so I'll go with car batteries. L
Okay...I just bought some. 3.48 USD for 1 quart...That's 3.29 USD per liter, 2.41 euros per liter, or 1.62 GBP per liter. 31.45% hydrogen chloride, 68.55% "inert ingredients." For "Swimming Pools/Cleaning Brick/Etching Concrete," as it says on the front.
31.45% (W/v I assume)? It's not quite 10M, but still strong stuff. Good for you, please take care as it's hazardously corrosive. And what are you going to do with it? L
I will definitely be careful with it. Anything that can etch bricks will probably also etch my face, and to be quite honest, that bottle scares me. Obviously I'll have to dissolve a bit of zinc, but my first priority will be to create a penny shell, just for the heck of it. And who knows, maybe I'll find a brick that needs etching.
Kiteman lemonie9 years ago
I used to work in a builders' merchant - we sold HCl as "patio and concrete cleaner".
lemonie Kiteman9 years ago
I used to do a finance job for Jewson, so this stuff probably crossed my path on invoices. Thanks for the info. Then again I've sloshed plenty of concentrated acids about in my time, and prepared my own HCl in methanol, that was fun. What wasn't fun was spilling 5M aqueous HCl on my jeans and having the stiching disintegrate at lunchtime (I was glad of the lab-coat that day!) L
Kiteman lemonie9 years ago
LOL - I was once sprayed with sulphuric when a pump burst during a trial in a paper mill I worked in. No immediate effects to my clothing, except the only part of my shirt that came back out of the washing machine was the plastic stiffener from the collar.
lemonie Kiteman9 years ago
Whoa, quite serious. (Jiffy bag in the post) L
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