Zipfizz Containers

I have a bunch of empty Zipfizz containers. I don't want to toss them in the trash (no plastic recycling in my area). What in the world could I make with them that would be useful?

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CassandraE79 months ago

Hello Suec1,

I have several empty tubes if you are still looking for empty zip fizz tubes. I read your previous posts, and if you are ok with it, I would like to ship a few boxes worth of empty zip fizz tubes to you (PO BOX 851943 Richardson TX 75085). They are being stored in large plastic gallon bags now, if you want, I can see about keeping the boxes/inserts as well in the future.

I am surprised that Zip Fizz doesn't promote similar recycling programs on their website. I found this forum (yay!) after a bit of searching. I look forward to helping your cause.

SueC12 years ago

I fill empty Zipfizz tubes with an assortment of reminders to trigger the memory of someone who may be off their regular routine or very stressed: that is when people forget that they have a child or pet in the car. I give them away: hopefully some lives will be saved. It is hard to believe that someone could leave a child or pet (or handicapped or elderly) in a hot car, but almost 40 children die in a hot car every year (every month except January). I need all the empty (or full) Zipfizz tubes I can find so that I can fill them up and hand them out. Thanks so much. PSMy PO Box is 851943, Richardson TX 75085

AmaliaA8 SueC11 year ago

Hi SueC1! That is such a sweet and thoughtful thing of you to do!!! I love the Zipfizz product, but think their containers are the most stupid and wasteful thing ever. Not to mention, they are a pain in the butt to open, especially if in a rush! So I'm delighted that someone has found a way to put these stupid things to a wonderful use! I have been saving mine and have told my husband to do the same, so I have a couple of boxes worth of empty containers. We actually live in North Dallas (The Village)! (I used to work in RISD!!) Is there a way I can physically drop them off to you? Would be easier than mailing. Thanks!

SueC1 AmaliaA81 year ago
Thank you so much for contacting me. I have been drinking Zipfizz for about ten years and I don't think I have had a cold since I started. It has replaced coffee in the morning and gets me out of bed when I really would prefer to sleep in. I wishI had saved my tubes from the beginning, but when I came up with this idea, I had to start from scratch. How cool that we are practically neighbors. I want to make this easy for you, so please call me at 214 460-7749 and leave a message. If you are planning to be in Richardson or Garland, I can provide you an address to drop off the tubes. If not, maybe we can meet part way somewhere. Meanwhile, that you so much for thinking of a good way to put the tubes to work. A woman from Washington called me with ten years worth of tubes that she has been saving to put to use somewhere. Thanks again, Sue.
AmaliaA8 SueC11 year ago

Thank you for your reply, SueC1! I still have to drink a few more before I can deliver the Zipfizz boxes to you. So I'll give you a call when I'm ready to hand them over. Also, my husband and I have a couple of friends who drink Zipfizz, so we will tell them to save their containers too (not sure if they've been saving them so far). I'll be in touch! Thanks again!

I have a box of empty containers of Zip Fizz as well if anyone is interested. I can be contacted at Art

HectorH171 year ago

Hello SueC1. I have a whole box and half of zipfiz containers to sell you. If you are still interested. Please contact me at

SueC12 years ago
Hi Jeff,

Well, I typed out a comment, but it seemed to disappear, so I will try again....this may end up being a duplicate.

Anyway, thank you for your response. Yes, I can still use all that I can find, and will happily pay shipping expenses.

I had to idea how to reach people who drink Zip Fizz, so I am happy to get your response. Thanks, Sue
SueC12 years ago

Hi Tonya,

I sure do need them! Thank you so much! My suicide prevention project has been on hold because I don't have nearly enough Zipfizz tubes. One of our suicide hotlines was closed down, and I want to make sure the other one gets enough donations to stay active. I'm using them for a fundraising project.

My address: Sue Clark, PO Box 851943, Richardson, TX 75085. Do you have any suggestions for getting those stubborn labels off? I have bought everything known to man and still some are stuck on there. I'm a therapist and my website is Let me know how much I owe you and where to send it.

I need as many as I can round up. Too bad I recently started saving them because I've been drinking two a day for at least six years, could never think of what to do with them.

Thanks for your kindness and for contacting me....and for recycling. I have no idea where to post my requests for Zipfizz tubes. Unfortunately, the Zipfizz corporation has been NO help whatsoever. Customer service is not important to them, I guess; nor suicide prevention. Too Bad.

jeffcj SueC12 years ago

Hi SueC, I just found your post. I work outdoors and use a lot of zip fizz during the summer, and always feel bad about throwing the containers away. Do you still have use for them? I'd be happy to stay collecting them for you, I'd only ask for shipping expenses.

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