Zombie Apocalypse!

Is there a Zombie Apocalypse coming, are you going to become zombie chow or a survivor? Where would be the best spot to live to survive? THE WORLD NEEDS YOU! What do you need to survive the zombie apocalypse?

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Lucky7x75 years ago
First, we have to know which zombies these are. Basic shambling night of the living dead, 28 days later crazy runners, or bioengineering gone wrong Resident Evil each pose different challenges and strategies.
Good point but every zombie nerd needs to know that "28 Days Later" didn't have any zombies in it. Assuming you subscribe to the notion that "zombies" must "rise from the dead".
That is what I need to know, the parameters being this isn't my thread it is not up to me to decide. Ok classic zombies, definitely easiest. Then (if included) 28 days later ,although without lots of up front preparation($$$) probably not survivable. Finally Resident Evil, best I can say good luck because typewriters don't quite work like that.
Cyclone17645 years ago
Although its fun to pretende there will be, but sadly (or more understandinly happly) there (probably) wont.
(hopefully I wont sound like lemonie by saying this but anyway) define what a zombie really is....
What I'd like to see is everyones "rules" to survive a Zombie Apocalypse like Columbus had made up in Zombieland. He had up to 30 some but you never learn them all. Maybe we could put together a composite list for everyone.
go to my ible... i have 80+
I jut read these books called rot and ruin i think you should check um out there about zombies.
lemonie5 years ago
No, there is not a Zombie Apocalypse coming, I am not going to become zombie chow or a survivor.

Squaggadoodle (author) 5 years ago
Is there anyone who would want to become a zombie!? You don't have to eat brains, you could eat tofu!
Thrasym5 years ago
Hard to answer without knowing what kind of zombies we're talking about (beyond the general basics, clean food and water, weapons, ammo, shelter, etc).

I think the biggest and most important thing you need (and it is never on any of the lists) is LUCK. You've got to be lucky enough to be out of the action for the first little while OR lucky enough to avoid becoming one of the early casualties/infections. I mean, it's just a whole lot harder to fight something off when you don't see it coming...but if you get past phase 1, your longevity increases substantially.

Anyone else REALLY miss not having a new episode of The Walking Dead yesterday?
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