Zombie Robot Caption Contest

In case you have not heard the breaking news, our beloved Instructables Robot and its beloved family member Instructables-Robot have been captured by a dancing zombie horde. As we looked over the zombie's ghoulish celebratory pictures, we can only wonder what must be running through our poor robot's mind.

Perhaps you can look at this picture and figure out what our poor robot is saying. Post the caption as a comment in this forum.

All are eligible to enter. Contestants are limited to three (and we mean three!) entries. The winner of this contest gets a copy of Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius. The contest will be judged by Bilal's Undead Severed Zombie Head on Friday and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

Picture of Zombie Robot Caption Contest
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lamedust9 years ago
Caption Winners!
There were a few good ones, so I think we'll send the runners up a patch:

The winner was }{itch with:
robot : "Please do not respond to this email, the Instructables Robot already has its arms full of zombies, and it might drop yours!"

Patch for, Momo!:
"All we need now are the Sith, Pirates, and Werewolves, and then our Facebook Convention feels so much more complete!"

Patch for DoItOrDie:
Girl Scouts, Jehova's Witnesses, Salesmen ... of all the pests Robot had to deal with, the undead were, by far, the most persistent.

Thank you all for giving the robot a voice!
n8man9 years ago
if your watching this,
(the zombies keep trying to get us to teach them the robot)
n8man n8man9 years ago
I removed my own comment yet it says (removed by community request). Looks like a bug.
Goodhart n8man9 years ago
I have seen that when you have a reply attached to it before deleting it.
n8man Goodhart9 years ago
mega glitch
Broken instructable layout.bmp
Ew. I don't like Windows Vista. Though, I also don't see a glitch.
Is this what it looks like the whole time for you? There is a giant glitch there because the css styles were not loading correctly
Must not have been paying much attention.
n8man Goodhart9 years ago
it used to be (removed by poster)
So what did you say?
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