This is a talk about zombies

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Goodhart6 years ago
I take it this is not about computer controlled email zombies.....
josh13246 years ago
if you divide by zero, a zombie will eat you.
nfk116 years ago
i wanse saw a zombie
scott86928 years ago
what if the "Z-virus" (for lack of a better name) could only spread like AIDS or HIV through direct contact with an open wound or sex (but who would really do that with a zombie...seriously). what if thats why they bite people,  to make an open wound to "bleed" in? they might not be able to jump or move fast but they are some smart mo fos. like if a zombie "sneezed"on you, you wouldnt get infected because theres no place for the virus to go...... but say you hopped a barbed wire fence and got cut and stuff and a zombie "hugged"  you, with all the blood from the zombie decaying and what not you would get infected because of direct contact with your blood

its just a theory you can agree or not but this is what i think
I eat meatloaf with ketchup while watching zombie movies!
GianniMora8 years ago
 haha no one commented