Zombies Ahead!

Anybody else see this? http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,484326,00.html ? Lots of us have re-arranged the letters on signs to spell funny (and occasionaly inappropriate) things, but these guys take the cake! So, what non-malicious pseudo vandalism have you seen (or participated in)?

Picture of Zombies Ahead!
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KentsOkay8 years ago
HOLY CRUD... I hope this doesnt make the news, cuz I mentioned it would be fun to my mom last night... talk about eery... Uhmm.... Does putting Ible Robot stickers count? Or rigging party poppers in a librarians office?
Ummm...dude, check the hostname Skunkbait posted. It's on FOX "News".
Oh, wait! You're talking about the real news, aren't you?
Yes, there was just the other day an ible posted on how to do this. And I mentioned to my mom it would be cool to try it on a non essential sign. And hours later this pops up....
skunkbait (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
Keep Mom away from FOX news for a while. You'll be safe when they move on to the "Obama Sex Change Scandal" or the "Pelosi Alien Abduction Incident". (Zombies can only keep the headlines for a week, at most.)
skunkbait (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
Party poppers in the librarians office! That's great. I used to rearrange the sign at a private (Christian)university. I'd make it look like they were having major concerts: Rolling Stones, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, etc. . Finally they put a locking cover on the sign. Fortunately for me, the lock was very pickable!
Did you confess and repent for your trespasses?
skunkbait (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
It was one of those micro-trespasses. I confessed to my wife (who thought it was hilarious), and I repented when I got too busy to commit petty acts of "vandalism".
You are forgiven, and don't forget a litte something extra for the collection box...
skunkbait (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
Your absolution is appreciated. (What does a low-level indulgence go for these days?)
Haha, like I would know... O(;-)
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