Zombies are attacking

So the living dead are about to break through your door... you have no weapons (guns swords etc) only what you would find around the average english house... when all of a sudden... Deathclaw packs destroy all of the reanimated and come after you... what do you do?

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chipper354 years ago

Run to the kitchen....grab a big knife....then yell "Banzaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii" --and go Kamikaze on them all!! LOL!

cocoaloco6 years ago
then, i go i told u so
after that i get supplies:
find safe room- likely in basement
food, water, and all other stuff u need to not die and stuffz
tough car
allied human people

weapons of MASS ZOMBIE DESTRUCTION (thats my favorite kind!! /\ _ /\ )
metal baseball bat for squooshing their stupid little zombie faces off :D
Chuck Norris (rather obvious, no?)
heavy lamp
crowbar/tire iron
kitchen knife
lamp / folding chair
guitar (as a last resort type thing... also it would help if it was the electric kind)
a squad of teenage mutant ninja turtles (:
also, i have a rare condition called laser face, in which i can shoot lasers out of my eyes... just sayin'

aaaaannnndddd finally,
i go out and kill all those zombies till' they dead !! :D
what if chuck norris were a zombie???????
well it would seem i had a good run while it lasted, but i think its time to cut my losses and call game over :(
turns of xbox and goes to eat cookies
VerendusVir6 years ago
Play Justin Bieber music. BRAINS BRAINS. Baby baby baby oh. BRAI... AHHHHHHHHH!!
monsterlego6 years ago
Don't have weapons, have laser eyes.
cocoaloco6 years ago
any questions? /\ _ /\
No questions but you COULD garner some help from The CDC !
cool thanx
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