Zune 3.0

How is everybody enjoying the new software for the zune, 3.0? Also did anyone buy the 16gb or 120gb zune?

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Gelfling65 years ago
I got mine quite awhile back.. Pretty sure WalMart was beginning to close-out on them because of the sucky support Micro$oft had, but once it began taking off with the bigger 80GB, the device seemed to make a small comeback. (though, Best-Buy seemed to dump it in favor of the Iphone/Ipod/Ipad. Cables are still available via eBay, but not much elsewhere.. Last I saw, before (Crikey, forgotten their name.. was a high-end camera shop from out of NYC.. chain stores closed quite a few years ago.) closed, they had one last one in the display case, but were still asking a bit too much for final sale ($90, at the time I bought mine, it was $120.).. Learned the hard shut-down (holding the left "Back" key, and pressing the joy-disc down, until it powered down. This was great for minor resets.) Replaced the battery a few years back. Wish I knew if you could force the 30GB to swallow a 120GB micro drive.
ll.139 years ago
What's a zune?
bumpus ll.139 years ago
No, stay along the straight and narrow, Ipods are waaaay better than Zunes..
Owenmon bumpus9 years ago
Why are they better? give me 5 reasons ; )
bumpus Owenmon9 years ago
Better interface. Better button control. Smaller. Better color selection. Trusted product/manufacturer.
JellyWoo (author)  bumpus9 years ago
1. Not really. If you've ever tried using a zune, the interface is very clever. 2. No. The zune has a click wheel and a scroll wheel that you can turn off. Can't beat that. 3. Not anymore. 4. Nope, the zune has a bunch of colors along with zune originals which is over 100. 5. What the he**???????? You mean that microsoft isn't trusted?
bumpus JellyWoo9 years ago
I trust Apple way more. :D
Owenmon bumpus9 years ago
ok but does that mean that people dont trust microsoft?
bumpus Owenmon9 years ago
I just trust Apple more than Microsoft.
cdw2929 bumpus8 years ago
the only thing I can trust apple to do is to put a obsolete product out.... overprice it...rip everyone off to only put out a marginally better product out in a few months...just to start the whole process all over again
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