Zune Pass

has anyone found out a way to perminantly keep all of your temporary files from the "zune pass" program, or at least a way to burn them to disk so you can rip them back on a little while later? thoughts and ideas on how one would do this, post here please.

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Are you asking for a DRM remover?
snipegoat (author) 9 years ago
and even better, with a program like this you wouldn't need a "zune pass" you could just use something like "project playlist" or "pandora radio" or mabye even "youtube"
You could archive a backup copy of them in case something went wrong by simply recording them through the speakers with audiacity or sound recorder.
added note:
under audacity you can record from a stereo function which will record from the adio going towards the speakers so it will copy verbatim and wont pick up background noise
didnt know if adrian ment that
snipegoat (author)  Chicken22099 years ago
what is audicity im not super informed about computer stuff
its a free program that can be used as an audio 'manager' it can edit music and add effects like wah or phasers
snipegoat (author)  Chicken22099 years ago
well where would you get this said free *cough* "managing" program,

P.S. chicken2209, im the real hiphopapotamis (JK)
google would be a good start its okay, im the ryhmenocerous, the hiphopapotamis's lyrics are sexist, but the lovely ladies know that hes trying to correct this
I hadn't known about that function, thanks for adding that Chicken! :)
It should be noted that said function is only compatible with some sound cards... So if you use Audacity on multiple PCs, it may work on some, but not others.
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