a cool item i thought u guys would like

I saw this and i can't help think it might inspire a few projects (esp cause the one depicted is $134 us)

MattGyver928 years ago
Is that for mac or windows? That's rad. I suppose each key has it's own RGB LED under it. Could light show through the keys of a regular white keyboard? Man, I wish I knew how they controlled that!
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
sweet! you could use this to scroll messages and show pics. Great find
Ward_Nox (author)  LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
yea to bad it's almost $200 i wonder if anyone here can figure out somthing like this
Three leg rgb leds, a lot of soldering and some clever chip use, you may however be able to adapt some pre-existing chip to do the job... You could keep it simpler by running three variable resistors that allow you to change the whole thing's colour at once.