a instrument of my own...

ive been listening to quite a bit of 8-bit sounding techno and such. And i really wanted to know if there was a way to make a computer keyboard make diferent pitched "beep" and "boops" of sorts. is there anyway to do this?

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hick252x49 years ago
you can load soundplant on to your computer and set each key to play a certin file. thats what they use at the theatre at school. you could set the keys for differant notes and riffs go to google and type in soundplant
Goodhart10 years ago
If there is a computer attached for sure (I am unable to view the video at the moment, I am still on dialup). I even made "music"albeit one note at a time, on my old Co-Co II....many years ago.
VIRON Goodhart10 years ago
Due to interference from the TIMER IRQ, an oversight by MS, The CoCo has some of the nastiest buzzy sort of notes. But I guess it has a unique sound! I also have an MC-10 and it makes pure notes with the same basic program.
VIRON VIRON10 years ago
Also if I had time and I wanted to, I could easily hack up a PC keyboard to make notes all by itself with a PIC and a speaker.
astrozombies138 (author)  VIRON10 years ago
Oh, that would be amazing. Is there anyway you could teach me to do this or make an instructable? it would be greatly appreciated!
Well the simplest way I can imagine to do it is get a cheap toy music keyboard for kids, disconnect the piano keys (or remove the circuit board) and remove the chip inside the PC keyboard and after determining the "rows and columns" pins, connect the PC keyboard to the toy chip as the toy's keyboard was connected. BUT, the result of doing THAT will definitely have the notes on keys that are in even more random order than the QWERTY alphabet. (imagine like ENTER for A , 5 for B ,SHIFT for C, W for C#...)
astrozombies138 (author)  VIRON10 years ago
ok ill give it a shot. what will the chip look like and how do i connect them?
It depends. A PC keyboard has one chip in it, probably an i8048. It doesn't help make music without a PC so it can be removed. The toy piano has a chip-on-board "dot", very cheap, you have to google for "circuit bending" to see examples I guess. It's the wires that go to the toy piano keyboard that you want to hack first, when connected together any two wires either make a note or don't. You can probably get cheapo toy pianos for around $10. ... I know, I should take a picture inside of one.
VIRON VIRON10 years ago
Various PC and music toys, two open. It just so happens that the opened PC keyboard chip (purple) is one of those cheap dots, but that's ok, it's the wires going to the keyboard that you care about if you do this. Red and yellow arrows show music toy board and wires going to it's keyboard.
astrozombies138 (author)  VIRON10 years ago
oh ok, so do i attach with iike soder or what? and is there a way i can make it so i can have it all wrapeed up into 1 device?
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