a neeed a new gun that doent have much part but fires far like a slingshot please help

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https://www.instructables.com/id/Slingshot_gun_prototype/Try this one from katarukito seems to work really well and didn’t use that many pieces.
Benfoxg used that mech in his bsr raptor.
i might b able to help u with that one
sweet u make great guns but what gun is it because if its urs i need to buy some yellow connectters or could you make a mini 1
yerjoking8 years ago
Slingshots get their power from length though. Length - More parts.
knex gun maker (author)  yerjoking8 years ago
i know but i can make the rubberbands powerful
But still, doubling up doesn't make it as powerful as it could be if it had a longer barrel.
pls yerjoking8 years ago
DJ Radio pls8 years ago
so its basically a fail.
More, contradiction/ Irony.
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