a propper knex luger!!!!

 this is my knex luger.i felt like making one because i gat a airsoft luger and i thought it will look and feel like the real one so here it is.If you want instrutions i will post it so comment and subscribe please

Picture of a propper knex luger!!!!
Sat Nov 28 12-18-31.bmp
Sat Nov 28 12-19-00.bmp
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Is this thing ever getting instructions?
kray953 (author)  Pyro zombi 96 years ago
Please e-mail me the instructions at pyrozombi@live.com. I love the Luger and really want a knex one!
kray953 (author)  Pyro zombi 97 years ago
ill try and make a new and better one but i want the ratings higer
kray953 (author) 7 years ago
no sorry i broken it up but ill try and make a better one this month ok
robb458 years ago
when do you post it
kray953 (author)  robb458 years ago
 when it gets a higher rating then i will
robb458 years ago
dus it have a mag in it end dus it shoot
kray953 (author)  robb458 years ago
 it does shoot and there is no mag for it but you put 8 shots in like the real one
robb458 years ago
this gun looks cool dus it load like a real luger
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