ac is to powerful, need help asap!!!!!!!!!!!1

i bought a dimmer switch for a 110v motor. i hooked it up and turned it on, it went to fast for what i need it to and it was on the lowest setting. it is a 600w slide dimmer switch. is there any way i could make it slower?

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guyfrom7up9 years ago
a 555 timer is a really cheap IC, you only need like 1 or 2 capacitors, 2 or 3 resistors and a potentiometer. All in all you could probably make one for 4 or 5 dollars if you buy everything from radioshack. and like 1 dollar if you go online the 555 timer of course can't drive ac directly, so you use a triac (a semiconductor that's a switch, like a transistor, but doesn't have an inbetween value, plus it's meant for ac).
actually I don't know how to use a triac in a situation like this, for a triac to turn off the voltage has to be removed or equalized on each side. Someone with more electronic knowledge, would the brief, split second that the ac voltage is 0 be enough to turn off the triac?
1) a triac is a solide state switch. unless the voltage at the gate went to below the threshold voltage, the triac stays on. 2) unless your idea is to turn on and off the triac rapidly, i really have no clue what your plan is. 3) perhaps a variac, like the ones used on tesla coils and electronics for testing, would be a much better option. they allow power to be applied more gradually. unfortunatly, they are rather expensive.
ohhhh, I think i was getting triacs mixed up a bit with scrs, I was just reading about all of them a few days ago and I guess I got some of the data mixed up.
A Triac is TRIode for Alternating Current and is the equivalent of two silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs/thyristors) joined in inverse parallel (paralleled but with the polarity reversed)
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Hmmm, I searched for those exact words and didn't find them :p Anyway, yeah, I was clarifying what you said, in the event someone misconstrued what you wrote (you can go back to sleep now LOL). I am curious, why is if offensive if I had repeated what you said? If that would be the case, aren't I then "agreeing" with you ? ;-)
its not offensive; i was just wondering if: my post was deleted my internet bugged i was having early alzimers etc etc
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