ac motor speed control

my uncle recently gave me a compact, functional ac motor with an axial blower attached to it. its a pretty cool thing, and i am planning on putting it in my mac's plexi case (when its built). i have no clue how to vary the speed. from what i found on wikipedia, an inductance motor cannot have speed control. how do i know if this motor is brushed or inductive?? and if its brushed, how do i vary its speed? help!!??

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thedemri7 years ago

I see that you have found a solution for this speed control (twoax years ago) . Could you tell me what was the solution? I got the same problem with my bandsaw motor.
Thanks Amnon

guyfrom7up9 years ago
comeonnnnn you're the tech-king! I'm pretty sure you answered this in another forum use a triac with something like a 555 timer
tech-king (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
this was a month ago. i have the perfect triac dimmer circuit for this thread now. thats why i have not responded in a while.
tech-king (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
BTW: do you think cruser still needs it for his van de graff generator?
gito9 years ago
You can use Optocoupler to vary the speed. Optocoupler change the frequency of your AC motor to be an analog voltage. Then use the ADC to be a digital value.
uguy gito9 years ago
tech-king (author)  gito9 years ago
where do you get one? and for how much?
Sun Gear9 years ago
if you can get one of those (light)switches with brightness control just run the current through that and it should work
You could use an ac axial fan, a petrol driven leaf blower, or the down-draught* from a hovering helicopter to keep your computer case cool.

Alternatively, you could simplify your life by using an off-the-shelf computer powered fan - just a thought** ;-)


Pat. Pending

*draft (US)
** thoft (?)
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