accessible and accessibility technology and instructables?

I was just reading this post on liz henry's blog, and it occurred to me that there's not a good classification for accessibility-related instructables.

Would giving it a category in instructables maybe inspire people to make more instructables of that type?

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Kiteman9 years ago
Seconded. Failing that, it would make a good theme for a large-prize contest. We probably all know somebody with some sort of access problem. My mother has post-polio syndrome, her friend only has one hip (the other has been replaced so often she's run out of bone to cement things to), and my aunt has MS, and has great trouble lifting her feet off the ground.
Is there an appropriate forum (Feedback, perhaps?) to "formally" suggest to Eric et al. a contest topic?

For terminology, I'd prefer to use "Accessibility". I'd also home such a contest would include (besides AT and adaptive equipment) software and Web/PDF/etc. techniques for ensuring that all this great content is available and accessible to everyone. It's fairly easy to do if you think about it when you start a project, but can be almost impossible to retrofit into complex documents or Web sites that other people have done.
You can always PM him directly.
True enough, although I find the public (or semi-public Orangeboard) interface better for discussions. Instructables doesn't appear to save a user's outgoing PMs, just the replies back at their Inbox. The contest was your idea. How would you feel about me making the suggestion instead of you?
Go for it!
Done! And thanks, yet again, to both of you for these discussions.
. heehee Les Trois Mousquetaires. Or maybe that should be Mouseketeers.
Which is the one that drinks a lot? I've got dibs on being him! It's been a hard week!
. When looking at your inbox, click on "sent". It's just above the to/subject/select header. . . I can't speak for Kiteman, but I can't see anything wrong with them getting more than one request.
. I would also like to encourage Ibles to make this site as accessible as possible. When I used to code web pages (back in The Good Ol' Days) I ran everything past Bobby or similar. With just a little bit of effort, it wasn't difficult to get over 90% of my pages to pass.
. But nothing I did was as complex (not even close!) as Ibles and that was before all this new-fangled Web2.0 stuff. Might be more difficult to implement nowadays.
. Even if the site can't be made fully accessible, every little bit helps.
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