adamsdead shotgun 2.0

here all all the mods i made for the adamsdead shotgun. way better hopper that holds 20 blue rods and does not jam. extended pump good sight and some what of a handle two bendy yellow rod to make the gun look more like a shotgun.

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I made your hopper and it jammed like hell so I had to make my own hopper
Looks like you posted this forum when you still spelled pieces "peaces"
dsman195276 (author)  I_am_Canadian9 years ago
yep, good times, good times.
c11man9 years ago
i made what could be called the adamsdead shotgun 3.0 i strenthened the ramrod so now it has the power of a medeoker sniper and looks like a combat shotgun. I will post it when i get time soon
c11man c11man9 years ago
Trauts9 years ago
Looks nice. Did you by any chance run out of green connectors on the stock?
the dawg9 years ago
is the adamsdead shotguh any good?
dsman195276 (author)  the dawg9 years ago
yea it sweet
jackster579 years ago
I made an instructable on a better hopper it never jams. [http://I made an instructable on a better hopper it never jams. Check it out Check it out]
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