add motherboard stand-offs to an RS enclosure?

I need to connect the board from a PC ATX power supply to a Plastic Radio Shack project enclosure. as a part of my ventilation / grounding scheme I've got the power supply on standard brass motherboard stand-offs. I don't want to connect any hardware through the case, for insulation purposes. I need a good way to hold the stand-offs (and by extension the power supply) sturdily in place... preferably with bits I can get locally (hardware store or RS)... Any Ideas?

uguy9 years ago
How about attaching the standoffs to the board, then place a generous drop/dab of quick setting epoxy on the bottom of each standoff and then carefully place the board into position.
gschoppe (author)  uguy9 years ago
would I remove the threaded bolts from the bottom of the standoffs first? or would epoxy be strong enough anyway? I was thinking board -> standoff -> wingnut (upside down) -> epoxy ->enclosure to maximize contact with epoxy. maybe there are better ways?