addiction to being a pyro

please i need advice im a pyro maniac and im sorta addicted to blowing things up how do i stop? ps as im writing this message im overclocking a lighter with 1 hand

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monsterlego6 years ago
If you CANT stop put a restriction on you explosions, do them in safe areas, ware proper equipment, don't do it around others.
Please help...I love to BURN stuff and put it out.I use gas and have had some close calls...I have tried to hide lighters and gas,lighter fluid,ect.I have even tried to find a hobby...I also get Gunpowder out of bullets and 12. guage shotgun shells and ignite it...I cant find the soulution to the problem...plezzz help!!!
it's much cheaper to buy a keg of black powder than poring powder out of ammo.
nfk117 years ago
here's something you should not do:get a molokov and put packing peanuts in it.that makes a napalm bomb.
Excellent Idea sir, although, that may not help him "not" being a pyro, but pyros have more fun.
caitlinsdad7 years ago
Thermite and your computer. Tell us how it turns out.
hey im quite the pyro im a professional circus artiste and honestly doing flips and juggling and all the stuff easily replaces fire, tho im also a professional fire breather, but seriously do something physical its help allot try acrobatics, or juggling and eventually fire juggling or joine a fire group were you use fire constructively and safely.
nfk117 years ago
ikeike407 years ago
just get adicted to somthing else
chinnerz8 years ago
do something a bit over the top and get arrested like me :)
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