advertise your knex guns soon to be released!

well i want to show my p90 soon to be released and i want to see all your guns so show me!

Picture of advertise your knex guns soon to be released!
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Masterdude7 years ago
This is my MHMG. It has a hi-cap mag and is strong. It has some new design features:
What does it shoot?

Please dont say connectors!
Yes, it shoots connector based ammo such as shown below:
hmmmm, I probably wont make then :(
Well, I seem to prefer guns which use connector based ammo. All of my guns use it.
Connector based ammo sucks.
Why do you think that? It works perfectly for RBG-Slingshot hybrid trigger-systems like this one.
Breaks too easily. 
The ammo? Do you mean upon impact it fragments?
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