advice on what these are

I have 6 of the silver ones and 1 of the gold but i cant work out what they are anyone have any advice as google is not helping

gold  -  Ancom 741
silver -  rc 743 d ray 7231

also i have found little black ones with 4 legs on each side with 7244  sn72741p

thanks for any advice you can offer 

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irishjim683 years ago

The 8 pin package you have with sn72741p is an Operational Amplifier (OpAmp) made by Texas Instruments. The Ancom 741, I believe might be a custom chip that was made by (or for) Ancom Electronics, which was an electronic equipment manufacturer based out of California in the '70s

aafit (author)  irishjim683 years ago

thanks for your reply are these any use these days or are they just scrap

Assuming the packages are still functional, AND that the pinouts match the common 741 series OpAmps, they could be used in any circuit which requires a 741 OpAmp.

The OpAmp is useful in circuits which call for a "741" OpAmp, as it is one of the same family. The Ancom chip is more difficult to say without being able to find any specifics on the chip. I would suggest building a simple circuit that calls for an LM741 opamp on a breadboard (Google helps here), take note of the output of the circuit so you ave a reference, then swap the chips one at a time and note the output of the circuits with those. If your outputs are nearly the same, then you could use the chips in such a circuit. That Ancom chip might also be a 741 class OpAmp as well.

aafit (author) 3 years ago