air brush

what do you know about air brushes? I'm trying to decide which to buy.

jtobako10 years ago
What do you want to do? (I've just started and finding out myself...) I chose double action, internal mix for quicker control (one trigger controls amount of paint and air) rather than single action (one trigger controls air on/off, amount of paint/thickness of line has a separate knob on the back) Small items, frequent color changes (detailing models, fingernails) get top mounted gravity feed. You use less paint up cleaning up between colors and the paint isn't cheep (cleaner can be expensive too, if you don't use water-base colors). Large pictures, murals, (t-shirts) try bottom feed siphon. The larger bottle doesn't have to be refilled repeatedly in the middle of something : ) (Why isn't it working now??? Trigger position, bad technique, air pressure...oh, out of paint...) Not sure about side feed : ) Brand name depends on what you can get locally or availability of parts. Each brand has several styles that work better for some effects (according to other people-I've only used the one I have-Badger 175).
mrtools (author)  jtobako10 years ago
thanks that helps a lot i think i would go for a siphon feed but what about cleaning and stuff? would i be better off with a gravity feed? the three main brands are badger itwan (i think i spelled that one wrong) and paache
jtobako mrtools10 years ago
Air brushes have to be kept VERY clean. So far, I've been OK with watered down acrylic paint and flushing with water emediately after painting (I've been using a syringe for kid's medicine to squirt water threw the airbrush).

There are forums for airbrush, some specific to t-shirts or car detailing. The ones I've been looking at are
Airbrush technique which also has two paper magazines and a series of beginning tutorials and
Precision aire

These people have better answers than I could give : )
westfw10 years ago
The important thing I learned (too late!) is that an airbrush is a different thing than a paint sprayer...