airplane without fuel from petroleum

This is airplane without fuel from petroleum . It is operated by new material,optical technology, complex energy. major energy are using solar energy and motors are 7 type. not only the mekanism is extremly different but also it is free -gravity. It is doing investigation and required more experiment.

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Kiteman10 years ago
That airfish looks really cool - I've never seen ionic wind used in a functioning drive that big! (I wonder if a close pass would make your hair stand up?)
Too bad the music for the video is the worst soft porn music I've ever heard in my life. :P
Such worldliness from one so young...
I don't think that kind of knowledge comes from exploring the world. :)
It all comes from the internets :P

Then again, she might have never heard that music, so anything I guess would be the worst...
Or she could be a connoisseur.
I watched a lot of HBO's "Real Sex" and late night Cinemax with my best friend after she got cable. (No, not recently. I was 12 or 13.) And I kid you not, all the music sounds like that! I never watch that sort of thing anymore, but the video brought back memories, haha. I'm going to stop derailing threads with dirty nonsense now. :D
Nothing wrong with a little thread derailment ;-)
arsmuv (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
I have been crave to have new implement so long time and think that have considerably efficiency.
Babelfish make bad translation. We do not understand. Please, what language do you speak ?
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