airsoft rpg wooooooot

ok i made a airsoft rpg (fill the cap with bbs and the water bottel and it soots and drops bbs everwhere (also i have a mod so you can acutaly put a airsoft grenade in it) well ill put pictures of the first 2nd 3rd 4th one that led up to the final rpg o yea it also have recoil and when you shoot it you can feel a blast of air comign back at you (i acutaly mean reocil!!!)

Picture of airsoft rpg wooooooot
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kman437 years ago
how do u shoot it
007dna7 years ago
 How do you pump it?
REA8 years ago
i need a new change of pants now...
scott2theme8 years ago
if you add an extea air botl that can fire air out the bake of the launcher at the same time as the projectile is being fired it will hopfuly netralize the recoile
tomcat9558 years ago
you shold spray paint it
looks pretty sweet, but I don't think that the cardboard stuff on it looks very good, just my opinion. I have some questions though: 1.How many bbs fit in the actual grenade part? fast does it go?
theque10 years ago
any videos of it in action? looks cool though
gotja (author)  theque9 years ago
sorry i havent checked instructrables in a while i did make a video but it was horrible and it would of been an imarasment to actualy put it on youtube..... i will be making a at4 that i know(or highly postive) that it will work. Ithis one was more for show i guess... (btw i took it apart)
gotja (author)  theque10 years ago
ill try to make a vid but its to late i probibly do it on satureday during a airsoft game im going to umm yea ill probibly use it once at some1 (fill the top with airsoft bbs lol and fins again umm yea it might look good on picture looks kinda good live feels horible when you use but the recoil is huge!!!
ghostman!!10 years ago
hi what kind of trigger are you using ?
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