airsoft shower/shotgun/grenade launcher

ok what do you guys think its a airsoft bb shower at 20-30 psi it 20 bbs goes around 200fps and100feet (rough estimations) can you rate it 1-10 if its a decent avg ill make a instructables (you probibly know how to make one but the shells are kinda hard)

Picture of airsoft shower/shotgun/grenade launcher
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xZCodmaNZx8 years ago
 10-10 5*
moreman39 years ago
i does not work
nerfer19210 years ago
my airsoft made from a at3k goes through 2 sheets of card board. also shot through:soda can, blank point, foam coor board, 9 feet, packet of school work, blank point. gives instant broose with knex and 1 pump, although 3 is max.
X_D_3_M_110 years ago
Post it? is the greande just paper with bbs in it?
megapun1310 years ago
post it!10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jakee11710 years ago
post it I wanna build 1!!!!
Sun Gear10 years ago
looks ok to me must be cheap
gotja (author)  Sun Gear10 years ago
only costed about like 10 bucks in all
Sun Gear gotja10 years ago
gotja (author)  Sun Gear10 years ago
ok now i modified it it has a better sound supresser its aairsoft bb shower and it can be a airsoft rpg (its basicaly half a waterbotle with a airsoft grenade in it and i moded somthing on the grendade so it expldes in air )
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