airsoft sniper rifle mods

I have been modifying my FAMAS airsoft gun so it is more suitable as a sniper rifle. I thought that maybe if there is anyone who might be doing the same or wanted to post their airsoft gun modifications here that would be great!

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i just got that gun . i want 2 make it a sniper. i got the tactical. the handle broke,the 1 nite other then that its a great i doubt it will disapoint u !
nfk116 years ago
i got mine on its an ak sniper
Bando_Red7 years ago
Don't waste tons of money on a scope. No airsoft gun is accurate enough to warrant a scope, I'll take irons (well plastics) any day. If you absolutely have to use a scope, get a red dot or a low-to-no magnification pellet gun scope. You might have a bit of trouble with the FAMAS's weird rail though. Get a good bipod too.

There are plenty of real gun tweaks you can apply to airsoft. For example, paint your front site with some bright nail polish or glow in the dark paint to make it faster to aim. Also, since airsoft guns are hollow on the inside, If you were careful you could take it apart and move the weights to the rear, of course being a bullpup it's probably got some good heft in the back
mine is accurate with a scope from 250 yds away also just upgraded my m4 to 500 Fps
Robot Lover (author)  Bando_Red7 years ago
Thanks for the advice. I bought a cheap daisy scope for six dollars, it was not intended for my FAMAS but I put it on anyway, It is a cross hair scope witch does work good for its price, I zero'd it in and it works like a charm. I have weights already installed on the back making it heavier in the back of the gun.  Real sniper rifles that are used in real combat have triggers that have a 2 pound pull on it so it is easy to pull is there any way I can make my trigger easier to pull? anyway, thanks for the helpfull comment!
Trigger work on a springer is a spotty endeavor at best. The internals usually just aren't built to be dissassembled, let alone modified. If you can find an in-depth guide for your exact airsoft gun, you could try it, but I don't advise it unless you are completely confident in your ability to disassemble, modify, and reassemble properly.

A more plausible idea would be a spring upgrade or even an inner barrel lengthening if you have the proper tools. This site has a lot of mods and guides with pictures in the forum section:

This one has a section for airsoft and bb guns, but they are mostly scratch-built model. Still, they have countless ideas and methods that you could possibly employ:
Please upload pics when your done. good luck
Robot Lover (author)  Bando_Red7 years ago
Thanks for your quick response. I am thinking about putting a longer spring in it. I have just put a longer barrel on the gun. I will post pictures of it after I am done. Also I cannot paint it because my mother will not allow it. I will try to cajole her into letting me do so.
airsoft10177 years ago
first you want to get a metal spring grabber/ stopper for a new spring also get a scope and a new barrel you should get a scope hence the sniper peans basiccly scoped. get a barrel exstention and if it's clear PAINT IT BLACK!
Robot Lover (author)  airsoft10177 years ago
great i will do this!