airsoft/paintball ideas

i need ideas! homemade airsoft grenades, mines, or anything else that can give you an edge on my next game in the woods.

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rocketman205 years ago
I have created a rocket propelled paintball grenade launcher (RPPG) that is mounted underneath my tipman 98 that will launch 30 yards using only the air from my HPA tank. The blast area is nearly 10 feet of paint when launched.
JACKBARRY5 years ago
theres a category of airsoft
jiangpanda5 years ago
Add me on Facebook and I MIGHT share my ideas with you but i can't give you all because we plan on starting a field soon. An official field. Panda_Pannell on facebook. Or just pm me on here.
Valdravulfr8 years ago
Some impact smoke bombs could be quite useful. I know how to make them if anyone wants some help with that.
that would be cool should make a video showing it working as well as a instructable
How might you do that?
nfk116 years ago
ok so this is my paint ur gun(if ur allowed or if the police dont see you)black and/or and red with camouflage.
airsoftsniper#1 (author) 9 years ago
i recently figured out how to make a potato gun(shoots potato's at about 60 MPH) and i'm thinking on modifying it into a mortar that shoots a homemade airsoft grenade.
look up my Airsoft rocket launcher
have one to. its 5' 6 tall painted camouflage . i think it can shoot up to 300 yards
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