alternative stepper motors?

I recently tore into a couple printer-scanners looking for stepper motors. Unfortunately all I found were some DC motors that seem to be tied into some sort of sensor that acts like a step counter. Does anyone know what they are called and how to use them in place of stepper motors for a CNC machine?
As a side note, I have a very limited understanding of IC function, think of me as having lived a purely analog lifestyle.

they work with a counter circuit like this.
JK Photo Up Counter.bmp
shannonlove4 years ago
The probably have a servomechanism which in this case would be a motor with a sensor providing feedback to tell the motor where the actuated component actually was.
You could use a microcontroller but you couldn't make it work with a stepper motor driver.
50ul84n3 (author) 7 years ago
It looks like what I was describing is a Hall effect sensor, so I would very much appreciate advice on how to connect one to a DC motor to make it act as a stepper motor.