$ altoids amp (penguin mints amp) $

hey guys, i was wanting to make an altoids amp however i noticed the instructable up at the moment isnt the most descriptive or has the best photos. so i am asking for someone to make an instructable so that even me, can make one. i am ok with simple electronics and will persevere until i get the desired result . the poster should have a decent camera (for macro images) and describe the components and what they do. i will offer a cash reward for the poster (a whole $10!). thanks alot Cew27

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Sandisk1duo8 years ago
what type of amp? high power? low power? high efficiency? (plz don't pay me)
Cew27 (author)  Sandisk1duo8 years ago
to be honest im not sure, my brother baught one off ebay.
here are two links to some
thanks alot
so you want an amp for your guitar, that amp dosn't put out that much power, only enough for headphones i can show you how to make a more powerful amp for actual speakers
also for the cmoy one, could you make one as similar to that as possible that would work with a guitar, like could you adapt it to be capable of amplifying a guitar?
Cew27 (author)  mdog938 years ago
i have seen it done, im sure its possible
mdog93 Cew278 years ago
yh but the guitar one is lyk a porduct and the one that has instructions how to make is different, wonder if alex-shareitskiy knows how to make the guitar one in a similar way to the cmoy amp.
Cew27 (author)  mdog938 years ago
Cew27 (author)  Sandisk1duo8 years ago
ok well what is the difference between them all? can all them be condensed into one instructable? my brother is planning to use it for his car/iphone connection. thanks again alex
the powerful amp is loud, and puts out more powerduh

the Cmoy amp the one you linked to is used to amplify music only for headphones, and requires little power
so i the point of the cmoy one to just make the music louder that u are listening to? You can't plug a guitar into it or anything?
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