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Lowney7 years ago
No it is not. They are allowed to exist but their activities are preposterous.
Randomguy657 years ago
A new high speed rail system in California? Well I live here in California and I say Yes, some companies are protesting.

We need a bit more than that: who is protesting and why?

Farmers are protesting because the rail line is going to cut through some water canals and pipes. During construction on the track, over head wires, (etc.), workers would have to shut down a few of these canals and water lines that feed water to the farms. Also, they would have to tear down a Very large rural area on the outskirts of Tulare, Ca. Amtrak California, (the current rail system) may also protest, because, well, they have been running for a while. But they may partnership with the California Goverment.

That's interesting, this hasn't yet been approved then?

Yes, and No. Yes because people have already voted. No because they need to have something constructed (a piece of track etc.)by September this year to get approved. A rumor has it that the have already done that.

You'll be familiar with the word "railroad" (3a)?

zascecs7 years ago
heatblast7 years ago
I'm a full-blood American and partially cherokke indian, and I love America!!!! I don't see how you can HATE such a beloved country. lol, "I was born an American, so I'll die an American". XD
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