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would you rather have a gun that shot b.b. s or rubber bands or knex pieces?

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DJ Radio9 years ago
bb guns. put this in the knex section....
you know me9 years ago
uh do 50 call. rounds count?
Nyanman (author)  you know me9 years ago
Oblivitus9 years ago
K'nex pieces are way better for firing from a k'nex gun than BB's because they have higher mass and density and therefore travel much farther using an impact firing system. Airsoft and BB guns use pressurized air to fire the ammunition and therefore don't waste any energy despite the ammo's mass and density, giving the lightweight BB's a surprising amount of thrust.
Mintyhippo9 years ago
i prefer knex shooters, but bbs work too.
Nyanman (author) 10 years ago
how about one that did both? 2 barrels. 2 mags. 1 trigger. a lot of pain.
knex gunman10 years ago
knex pieces are more painful if fired right. i would pick them. bbs are also cool because you can get the shotgun effect where the bullets spread out
smidge14710 years ago
i think bbs would be kewl cus u could see if they actually can hit with a the power of a bb gun
arie10 years ago
both bb and knex with no mods to do so 
fobblewabble10 years ago
yea knex peices
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