amphibious tank??

We'll ive been building 2 tanks
first is a normal rc tank then the second is a better rc tank.
i plan to make a third one but i don't want it to be boring,so i decided to make it amphibious.Can anyone suggest me what method to dive and resurface?cause my plan might be to complicated


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Toga_Dan11 months ago

if u hav a snorkel and air pump, then minor leaks around the axles may not matter. As long as the air pump can keep up with leaks.

yes but this is a very small tank.A little more weight may cause distortion.I've started printing the body already :)

I look forward to seeing what happens. Sometimes it's better (quicker?) to try somethin and see what goes wrong. seems PLA with 1mm thickness is still to weak for 1,5m i'm testing 2mm now

If you have a food sealer, vacuum pump or old fridge compressor you can test how good your PLA really is.
Print a closed cube or pyramid to keep the bridging away.
A size of 2 x 2cm is enough to have a good internal space.
Submerge in water after you tried your sealing method and pull a light vacuum.
If bubbles come out (a tiny few) it can be from within the layers, if lots of bubbles come out you might fill the thing with water.
A test on scale before and after will tell.

Toga_Dan11 months ago

The electronics need to be sealed against water. The motors are not entirely critical. Yes water will shorten their useful life, but not as much as you might expect. Meanwhile, You've got an awesome toy nobody else has.

Your antenna could be quite long to break the surface if need be. Reception may be better if the wet part is insulated.

yes i do know that.But the problem is i cant just let water breach the hull because this tank work by maintaining neutral weight.By allowing water it will drown and wont come up.Thats why im thinking using a 3d printed hole closer(dunno what to call it)so i can access the battery and swtich

Unless you use ABS and seal with acetone or ABS juice forget 3D printing to get anything watertight.
Consider rubber seals and screw connections to seperate the hull for acces to the elecronics.
Consider a battery pack in a sealed compartment or drop-in box with waterproof connectors.
This way you can change the battery quickly without a worry about opeing the actual hull.
Use the weight and location of the battery pack to level the craft ;)

yes i've research and found out ABS,its a plastic usually used in lego.But i also found an interesting way to make PLA waterproof.By making 3 layers and doing something ....its in reddit

thx for the idea.I wonder what abs is since im very new in 3d printing.Maybe a material like PLA??

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