here are some animations i made in videeo class this may take a while to download but the first is about 6 MB update 1 full quality version in update 2 i got a friends version of drunk driving yes these are PSA (public service announcments) he said it gets kinda loud but i dont know no low quality ver for this pyro-

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Aeshir10 years ago
AUGH WHY IS IT QUICKTIME?!!? Use WMV! Anyways i'll leave a comment when I finish downloading.
ich bin ein pyro (author)  Aeshir10 years ago
because thats what imovie said it would be
LOL. I'm guessing you're a mac user? Or is that just what the school has?
ich bin ein pyro (author)  Aeshir10 years ago
our school loans out 1 mac laptop to every student that comes so ya im a mac user
i got to come to your school lol
schorhr10 years ago
Hi there! Stopmotion animation rocks my socks ;-) Pretty neat. Was the flying projectile done with string and edited out in single frames? The only negative part I can state right now is that the camera brightness is set to automatic; As it changes due to different object placement and ammount of visible light (background, persons standing arround), this causes a flickering effect. Tell your videoclass teacher that. Its a beginners mistake.
ich bin ein pyro (author)  schorhr10 years ago
well haha there was a sky light open one day of shooting and the flying thing was supposed to be steady but well i dont have a steady hand
There is a option to set the automatic brightness on most cameras/drivers. :-) Mov is OK, better then wmv :-P Though mpeg or something would be cool, too... but since I have VLC and every codec I could think of it doesnt really matter to me, hehe :-) Will you make more (at home)? I tought stopmotion animation at a local School (Realschule), it was fun. Gruß Marcus
ich bin ein pyro (author)  schorhr10 years ago
i dont think ill be able to make more at home because my home computer is windows and i dont think my camera would export that type of stuff in this we used school camera they had firewire cords so it was easy my camera however has something different. pyro-
All you need is something like -< Monkeyjam.
Its a free Stopmotion animation program for Windows.
It will work with most likely any webcam.
Adding sound, cutting, texting should be done in a free video editor later on (windows movie maker, wax 2, zweistein, virtualdub... )
If you run into trouble, just ask me, I tought this sort of stuff at schools ;-)
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