another full auto machine gun mechanism

Right this is just the mech of the machine gun you will have to make the mag/clip/barrel/everything.
You may have seen this already on the comment on

The comment with it was posted May 7, 2008. 12:25 PM.
Basicaly the hammer is attached to a small cog, a motor or handle is attached to a cog with only 4 teeth(on each half) the 4 teeth will crank the hammer back then when it runs out of teeth it will snap back, it actually works(I would have posted but my sister destroyed it D= ) te only problem I had was the mag, I attempted to build a box mag, oh and the fact you need a metal rod for the handle/motor and for the hammer with gear on(I lost 3 red rods because it just twisted the hell out of them, it was impossible to use them again)

So you can only make it with some sort of renforced rod, but overall it actually works.

this is just a small step by step type thing
Step 1

sand down 3/4 of a small cog.

Step 2

to speed up rate of fire add speed up gears (optional)

Step 3

make hammer, lock canibalised cog onto a rod with hammer

Step 4

connect it to speed up gear/s

Step 5

add elastic band to hammer

Step 6

add mag, clip or belt. note: if you make belt the add timmed gears to the speed up gear.

Picture of another full auto machine gun mechanism
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finmonster8 years ago
i made  fully auto hand cranked one but there was so much frriction in the barrel the bullet would not come out
You don't need to cut up the cog, there is a gear that already is like that.
Adrian.169 years ago
Seen i vid of a knex gun working EXACTLEY like this ill try and find the vid...
Click meh
Note the teeth missing on the red gear
Basicly the same just pulls back the pin a better way ;)
Wow, that thing is awesome!
CrazyCHRIS!! (author)  TigerNod9 years ago
what youve built this?, or the pistol?
I have not built the thing on Youtube yet, I have lost my cannibalised gears (yes, some of them come cannibalised from the factory, no, you don't have to cut your yellow gears of). I cannot even understand how your thing works, for it is so complicated. Perhaps you should post a pic from this, or a Mclad image.
CrazyCHRIS!! (author)  TigerNod9 years ago
i havent got a camera of my own, my sister has but she wouldnt let me use it
Aw, that's sad. Perhaps you can borrow it from a friend or something? (just thinking)
Would be even better with cut one-hole connectors! I'm gonna build it right now!
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