any Disciple or Skillet fans?

Hi, just wondering if any one here likes Disciple or Skillet, i do!

Picture of any Disciple or Skillet fans?
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cocoaloco6 years ago
I'm not sure if you've noticed, but Instructables is not a place for music discussion. If you wish to discus this, please take it somewhere else.
then why is there a MUSIC CAREGORY!?
if our discussing good music offends you, then don't participate
nfk116 years ago
im skillet fan but never heard of disciple
popcorn4lunch (author)  nfk116 years ago
you should check them out, you tube or something, my favorite song by them is Eternity.
mine is comatose
popcorn4lunch (author)  nfk116 years ago
i like Awake and Alive :)
popcorn4lunch (author)  nfk116 years ago
thats a good one :)