any ideas for 3d printing

has anyone got ideas of what would be a cool thing to 3d print? perhaps something with moving parts, any ideas would be appreciated thanks.

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dznodes3 years ago

I have a prototype that I'm working getting patented. Are you willing to sign an NDA and work on this with me? How much experience do you have with industrial design and 3D printing?

sorry i have very little experience with 3d printing. this thread dates back to when instructables was kind enough to give away free 3d prints to anyone who made a half decent tutorial and uploaded it onto a special "group page" they used to have. what are you developing anyway?

Qcks3 years ago

Ehhh.... this is a weird idea, but since you're looking for things to do with a 3d printer and i've kinda decided to forgo one at the moment....

Make components that allow everyday appliances to be converted into laboratory equipment.
For instance, food processors and blenders could be made into fairly reliable centrifuges. The big issue is locking the attachment to the motor base.

Then there's the obvious little things, like vials, funnels, test tubes, fermentation tubes, etc.... Such things are needed.
Having a viewing window on some of the vials is always nice, but i'm not 100% on how you'd do that (probably high optic quality acrylates that cure under UV light... you'd need a UV source in the 3d printer though).

Finally, pipets, or perhaps they're needleless syringes... of various sizes. This one is a little bit harder because these need to be somewhat exacting in how much volume they move, and, being a manufactured object, makes this somewhat harder.

Even if you had to get rubber seals to make the pipets work, it'd be pretty profound.

This would allow chemistry and biology labs that have high degrees of sophistication to exist even in relatively poor countries.

Jan_Henrik3 years ago

Try to convert music into 3D skulptures, generated out of the music... Processing 2.0 can do that, you just have to program it. :)

Roy3 years ago
Try They have 20,000 files for all kinds of fun things.
morepowerr4 years ago
I would very much like to see some one make a 3D printed wind-up Phonograph, gramophone or Record Player. Something that uses as few or no electric parts..
angpal594 years ago
I have a question also, i don't know if I'm in the right place for this but I was wondering about a good3d printer for a newbie would be, I saw this one on ebay, is this the way to go-(
I just want to make like small brakets and things like that for RC cars and Rc tanks and robotic ideas and whatever comes along. I would appreciate any input from somebody that has one and some experience with one, i would hate to buy it and find out I need 1000 dollars worth of software to also have to get. that would be my luck,lol
mangomango4 years ago
Are you looking for something you would have to model or just ready to go .stl's?
Moem5 years ago
Chess pieces... non-traditional ones, of course.
Jayefuu5 years ago
I printed some chainmail. That was fun.
Kiteman5 years ago
I've seen a cube that was actually made of beveled gears. That was kind of neat...