any knexers have a facebook

 if so give me a link to your page

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Randomguy657 years ago
I do.
knexfreak95 (author)  Randomguy657 years ago
well i can add u if u want send me a link to ur facebook threw a pm
dsman1952767 years ago
 I do, but i'm not telling you who I am. :-P
knexfreak95 (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
 okay be like that :-P
 I will.:-P
i have a fb ill pm you
come on then please
Mr. Muggle7 years ago
I only have an account on the holland version of facebook
Vynash7 years ago
I do (sending you a PM)
knexfreak95 (author)  Vynash7 years ago
 still waiting for it
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