any one knoe how to make a really good homeaid caffine drink

bascily i need something to keep me gameing all night long any one have a recipe for a simple maby not so simple drink that taste good and can keep u awake.. i checked the food part i didt really like the pixi drink it dosent look so good.

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lemonie10 years ago
For caffeine, your easiest options are probably strong coffee or tea. Added sugar would help too (as Weissensteinburg). Caffeine tastes nasty (so says my mate who has chewed Pro-plus)
VIRON10 years ago
Squish a No-Doz(tm) caffeine pill into a really good drink. No?
FrenchCrawler10 years ago
Make yourself up a cup of Honey-vinegar energizer (I found it in my "Back to Basics" book). It says: "A popular recipe for increased energy is 2 tsp. vinegar and 2 tsp. honey in a cup of water. Drink once a day for best results." I tried it a while back... not sure if it gives more energy, but it sure does wake you up (especially if you substitute using a tablespoon instead of the teaspoon). Surprisingly, it doesn't taste that bad (probably cause the honey sweetens the mixture). PS: If you get hiccups, it says to eat a teaspoon of peanut butter.... don't want you to become distracted while playing games.
trebuchet0310 years ago
B complex supplements ;) Plus food :P It will: 1) Turn your urine an amazing color of bright (possibly neon) yellow 2) Help your body generate those ATP's without caffeine side effects (jitters, crashing etc.). Just get your metabolism up and moving... you know exercise and such :P
Exercise might cure that desire to game all night, too :)
Touche (well, I was just trying to be polite or PC or whatever you call that :P)...
CameronSS10 years ago
Come on, you Brits! Where are you? Tea! Actually, I drink decaf. From a mug. Yeah, I'm American.
carbon10 years ago
I usually don't need anything. I've found that a game (fps's at least) doesn't require you to be truly awake. Then again, not everyone goes into a zombie-state when playing Unreal Tournament. I play better in a good zone-out than when I'm hyped up on caffeine. Seriously though, if it has to be anything, make it coffee.
sugar water?