any way to reuse large plastic posters ?

today was here a day of elections to city heads the day is over and the streets are full of posters up to 1 X 3 M size that are going to go to trash in the following days most of the posters are made of 3 kinds of plastic simple plastic like large shopping bags - it is waterproof and strechy and loses mechanical strength when stretched. available in size of 0.5 M X up to few M weave of flat nylon strings - not fully waterproof but very strong. available in size of up to 1 X 3 M. with holes reinforced with metal thingy in 4 corners plastic reinforced with nylon fiber - combines properties of them both. available in size of 0.8 X 1.4 M. with factory-made folded and sewd edges for installation on rope etc all are made of white material printed on one side with names / photos / slogans etc in semitransparent paint. passes some amount of diffused sunlight there are also tons of flyers and paper posters (up to 0.5 X 0.7 M) and the tickets used for voting laying all over the streets any good ideas what that stuff can be usefull for ? especially the plastic and nylon posters

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Sandisk1duo9 years ago
A compound parabolic cooker. I believe these are more useful because they maintain the heat on the cooking pot much longer than a parabolic cooker does.
The instructable shows how to make a template for this type of solar cooker.
melt them and pour the plastic into molds. Make Christmas ornaments.
11010010110 (author) 9 years ago
they seem nice to built a hut of problem is they are flammable and make huge amount of toxic vapors when they burn so thats unsafe
Kiteman9 years ago
Make topical messenger bags?
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
There was a way to use corrugated plastic as a solar water heater but I can't find it.