anyone ever convert an old atari joystick into a mouse

anyone ever convert an old atari joystick into a mouse
Like this joystick

anyone write an Instructable?

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110100101108 years ago
i dream doing it with a wiimote but i dont have one and aint gonna buy wht kind of sensor does the joy stick use ?
. IIRC, those had four "bubble" switches. There was a plastic disc at the bottom of the stick that would actuate the switches.
what a bubble switch is ?
. The upper contact is a conductive plastic "bubble." When the bubble is pressed, it deforms to become intimate with the lower contact. . Evidently, "bubble switch" is not the preferred term. :( Maybe someone else knows the correct name.
well, some of them were dubbed hat switches, but that is probably not the term you are looking for. Blister switch is another term I have heard.
. I was wrong. Judging by the pictures (scroll waayyy down), hat switch might be right. It looks like a rubber hat with a conductive disc that shorts the traces.
Well, I thought so too, at first, but then when I looked it up to check myself, I got Hat Switch (not the movie). Elsewhere a Hat switch either changes view point, perspective or opens menus *shrug*
and they all are attached to the plate that the stick moves ? why use conductive plastic and not just metallic contacts ?